Why should I make an appointment?

  • Do you or any of your children suffer from food intolerances and need practical advice?
  • Are you trying to shed those extra kilos and need dietary advice and motivation to achieve your health goals?
  • Have you been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and fed up with the syndrome?
  • Are you planning a baby, pregnant or breastfeeding and need help to make the necessary changes to your diet to support the growth and development of your baby?
  • Do you simply want to achieve a healthier you with more energy to cope with today’s busy lifestyle?
  • When shopping for food, do you find it challenging to make healthy food choices? Are you able to interpret the information on a food label correctly?

How long does a session take?

  • The Initial session will take around  40 – 60 minutes. With all subsequent sessions around 20 – 30 minutes.

What should I  bring to the appointment?

  • Food Record. To maximise your time in the appointment it is helpful to bring along a snapshot of your eating patterns. For example; make a list of the foods you commonly eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and  snacks.
  • Blood tests or results of any investigations
  • If you are making an appointment for your child it is not necessary to bring them on the first appointment. It is useful however to bring along growth details (height and weight) and the information listed above.